How Coinzilla Works 2024, Daily Income 2024 from Coinzilla

Coinzilla Advertising Network is part of Sevio advertising technology company. The project was founded in November 2016 as an initiative to promote the ever-expanding crypto niche.

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Our platform helps advertisers promote their money and cryptocurrency projects by displaying a variety of ads directly on our publishers' websites. One of our main advertising goals is to deliver high-quality leads, and we carefully select all publishers who join our network to achieve this.

Coinzilla is constantly evolving, and we constantly work to develop new features and sub-projects that will help our customers grow their businesses. Coinzilla's main focus is to help our partners achieve their desired results and income with our tools .

How Coinzilla Works 2024

Daily Income 2024 from Coinzilla

First of all, what is Coinzilla? It is an advertising network of finance and crypto projects founded in November 2016. This network offers a CPM method for advertising. Users need to sign up and submit their website to their dashboard. Users will get authorized units once. They will have ads on their website.

Coinzilla site

Websites with topics and materials based on finance or cryptocurrency with original content will be approved. Platform-generated websites such as WordPress or Blogspot are not acceptable. Free domain websites are bound to be rejected. No fundraising representation of a specific crypto or paid-to site will be accepted. Additionally, the Sites must not use ads from any other ad network

Core functionality

Tailored advertising campaigns

Coinzilla offers advertising services tailored to the specific needs of the crypto market. It offers display ads, native ads and other custom formats. The platform effectively targets relevant audiences, maximizing the impact of ad investments.

Real-time analysis

Coinzilla provides real-time insights. This is a feature designed to provide a deeper understanding of campaign performance. The tool enables users to make informed decisions, adjust strategies accordingly and adapt to the digital market.

Targeting options

The platform includes geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting. These features are intended to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by reaching more interested audiences.

Publisher integration

For those on the publishing side, Coinzilla is a breath of fresh air. It offers tools for publishers in the crypto space, Crypto 

Facilitates press releases and monetization of crypto content. They focus on creating value for both parties, simplifying the process of connecting publishers with advertisers.

Affiliate and Partnership Program 2024

Last but not least, Coinzilla also features affiliate and partnership programs, designed to encourage collaboration and growth in the crypto marketing community. These programs help you expand your networks and explore new opportunities for growth

User interface and experience

Now let's take a look at the website. Coinzilla's interface is designed to be sleek and intuitive, emphasizing efficiency and ease of use. After logging in, users are presented with a clean and organized dashboard. This dashboard provides easy access to the tools needed to manage campaigns. The layout of the platform is structured for the accessibility of various functions.

Coinzilla Dashboard

The platform offers features for creating and managing campaigns Coinzilla includes real-time reporting, which allows metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions to be monitored. Coinzilla offers customization options for campaigns. This includes budget setting, audience targeting and ad format selection. It's intended to offer users control over marketing strategies, allowing adjustments to project goals. But user experience isn't just about the platform. Coinzilla offers an extensive knowledge base and customer support. These resources help users maximize the platform's capabilities.

Coinzilla's services in detail 2024

Advertising solutions

Coinzilla's advertising solutions are nothing short of a smorgasbord of options, allowing you to craft your campaigns with precision and creativity.

  • Banner Ads: These classic ad formats are like the billboards of the digital world. They offer catching visuals and can be placed on high-traffic crypto websites, so your message gets noticed.
  • Native Ads: Think of native ads as chameleons that blend seamlessly into their environment They mimic the look and feel of the platform they are on It provides a non-intrusive way to engage your audience.
  • Pop-unders: They're like surprises waiting to be discovered. When a user clicks on a page, a pop-under ad appears behind the main window, ensuring your message isn't missed when they close the initial page.
  • In-Video Ads: Similar to ads during your favorite TV shows, in-video ads appear between online videos. They engage users, adding an interactive dimension to your campaign.

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Publisher Services

Coinzilla is also a boon for publishers. If you are a website owner or content creator in the crypto space, you can tap into Coinzilla's suite of services to effectively monetize your platform.

  • Monetization Tools: Coinzilla offers banner and native ad placement to help you increase your earning potential.
  • Regular Payouts: Get ready for reliable payouts. Coinzilla ensures that you receive your earnings on time, so you can focus on creating valuable content.
  • Dedicated Support: Like having a trusted partner, Coinzilla's support team is there to assist publishers every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and profitable experience.

The CPM method of determining CTR is used to generate revenue for publishers. Not acceptable methods:

  • Any means of buying traffic or generating traffic through any non-original methods such as bot writers serving proxies is not permitted by this network.
  • Any sites or any of their content that advocates the violation of any government law or is illegal on any basis, is obscene, spams or promotes hate is strictly prohibited.

Affiliate program

Coinzilla's commitment to collaboration extends to its partnerships.

  • Affiliate Program: If you are a marketer looking to expand your horizons, Coinzilla offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by referring advertisers and publishers to the platform.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Coinzilla collaborates with a network of strategic partners including top crypto influencers and industry leaders. This means your campaign can tap into a wider audience.


After testing Coinzilla, it becomes clear that it aims to be a significant facilitator in the field of cryptocurrency marketing. Its advertising solutions cater to various campaign goals, be it brand awareness, lead generation or conversion optimization. Some advantages about the platform: Esports, gambling and exchange platforms are accepted.

Traffic is received from all geo locations. It helps website owners who have traffic from less popular segments. Cons: Pay-to-click sites, traffic exchange sites, calls, and URL short sites are considered non-original traffic platforms, so they are not accepted on this network. .

This rule rejects small earnings programs. There is no referral program available on this network, and all revenue is self-generated. In digital marketing, things like transparency and measurable results are very important. Coinzilla positions itself as a platform that strives to meet these industry standards. With an understanding of Coinzilla's services, users in the crypto space can consider using this platform to pursue marketing goals.

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