Important Instruction for Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants

In order to improve and speed up the customer experience on the date of interview, the online DS-160 application form must be completed, submitted online and the DS160 number needs to be included in your profile, no earlier than one year and no later than one week before the interview date. Applicants who provide DS-160s that have been completed less than one week before the interview date may be turned away. This new policy will go into effect JANUARY 1, 2024.  Example: Interview date is 01/08/2024, please complete the DS-160 before 01/01/2024. However, if you have already completed a DS-160 within 1 year, you DO NOT need to complete another one unless you receive an email from the consular section asking you to do so. Any changes or corrections to the DS-160 that occur within one week of the interview should be identified to the consular staff on the day of the interview.

The purpose of your intended travel and other facts will determine what type of visa is required under U.S. immigration law. As a visa applicant, you will need to establish that you meet all requirements to receive the category of visa for which you are applying.

See our Directory of Visa Categories on to determine which visa category might be appropriate for your purpose of travel to the United States.


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