Brief Guide To Ramu Buddhist Temple Travel, Easy Rules To Visit Ramu Buddhist Temple, Sightseeing, Ramu Buddhist Temple Cost Total Travel


Brief Guide To Ramu Buddhist Temple Travel, Easy Rules To Visit Ramu Buddhist Temple, Sightseeing, Ramu Buddhist Temple Cost Total Travel

Sometimes, a religious place makes all hearts yearn. The place is called Ramu temple. Although the place is far away from the city in the purity of nature and in the shade of forest. This place has traditional Buddhist antiquity and many ancient historical monuments. Of which Buddhist temples, monasteries and Chaitanya-jadis are notable. Around 35 Buddhist temples bear glorious testimony to Ramu's heritage from the past.

Various works written by historians describe Ramu as "Pang-wa/Panoa" meaning the land of yellow flowers. Ramu area once enjoyed the status of a provincial capital in Arakan. The ruler of Ramu was called Pang-wa-ja by the Rakhine kings.

Legend has it that the Tathagata Gautama Buddha came to Arakan with his servant Ananda during the reign of the first Rakhine king Chenda Thuriya (580-528 BC) of the Third Dhanyavati period. Gautama Buddha was accompanied by five hundred other disciples.

Then Gautama Buddha said to Ananda in a religious conference, "O Ananda! In the future my chest will be placed on the mountain on the eastern shore of the western sea. Then its name will be 'Rang-U'.''Rang-U' is a Rakhine word literally meaning chest. 'Rang' means chest, 'U' means sternum. Linguistically, the word Rang-wu is phonetically and semantically similar to the word Ramu.

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The Chaitya of Ramu is one of the 84,000 metal chaityas set up by Ashoka (273-232 BC), the third emperor of the Maurya dynasty. Built around 308 BC, the historic Rangkoot Banashram Buddhist Vihar is situated in a picturesque setting on the hilltop of Rajarkul Union of Ramu Upazila.

When the existence of Ramkot disappeared in the course of time, the priest Jagat Jyoti Mahasthavir who came from Sri Lanka restored the Ramkot Buddhist Vihara in 1919. There is a forest hermitage with ancient Buddhist structures and antiquities. A large number of pilgrims and tourists throng here every year.

At the foot of the Ashram there is a Buddhist Orphanage named "Jagat Jyoti Shishu Sadan" blessed by many countries including Brazil, France, Italy.

During the construction of this ashram, the tombstones of the descendants of Danbir's late Poweja: Sejari (Khizari Dalal) located in Shashman of Ramur Rakhine community were destroyed. Many orphans of the ashram are studying here without any money.

World poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote the novel "Rajarshi" while sitting in Ramkot. Kabiguru was the first to describe Ramu as the land of yellow flowers. However, the current Ramu was once famous as Ramyabhoomi as the foothill of Buddhist culture.

How to go?

The easiest way to go to Ramu from Cox's Bazar city is if you take a reserve vehicle. Then you can visit the popular places easily and in a short time. If you take 4-5 hours, you can visit many Buddhist temples. From Cox's Bazar you can easily travel from Buddh Bihar by CNG or taxi/autorickshaw. A taxi or autorickshaw to go to Ramu usually charges 40 taka per person and if you want to take a reserve, it will cost 400 to 500 taka including travel and sightseeing time. 5-6 people can travel easily in an autorickshaw.

Where to eat?

Being a short distance one can easily return from Maheshkhali. And so you can eat light food on the island for temporary hunger relief. Or you can come back and eat at Cox's Bazar. Cox's Bazar has all types and quality of restaurants. Mid-range budget restaurants include Rodela, Jhowban, Dhansindi, Paushi, Niribili etc. Like most things, food prices here can be lower/higher depending on the season. Rice: Tk 20-40,

Mixed Bharta: Tk 75/150/300 (8-10 items), Laitya Fries: Tk 100-120 (6-10 pieces per plate), Coral/Vetki: Tk 150 (per pitch), Beef: Tk 150-200 (2 pax) Can be shared), Ropchanda Fries/Ranna: Tk 300-400 (large, for 2 people), Dal: Tk 30-60. You can also try Hyderabadi Birani at Handi Restaurant near Labani Point for Tk 200-250. And KOFC is there.


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