Ways to enchant the lips this winter

Ways to enchant the lips this winter
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Ways to enchant the lips this winter

Ways to enchant the lips this winter

Skin and facial care alone does not complete your beauty You also need to take care of your lips When you go out, if you rub a little lipstick on your lips, your lips will not be beautiful This requires regular care

1. Water

First, drink more water Water will keep your skin and lips moist The tendency of cracked lips will also decrease

2. Domestic tips

Heat the oil and add a small amount of sugar When the sugar turns brown, mix coconut oil in it and apply it lightly on the skin of the lips This will increase the blood circulation in your lips As a result, the lips will look more red

3. Leap left

Before taking a bath or washing your face, apply lip balm on the lips Then take a bath with warm water This will smooth your lips

4. Peppermint oil

Want to redden your lips quickly without applying lipstick? Then apply a little peppermint oil on the lips This will make your lips a little irritated or uncomfortable, but red will be superior

5. Lip oil

Lip oil is a cosmetic to keep the lips moist like lip balm. There are some lip oils that apply lip moisturizer as well as lip balm. Colored lip oil is also now widely available.

. Lip plumper

Use a good lip plumper once a day When using it on the lips, you must keep the mouth as wide open as possible This will allow the lip plumper to reach the entire area of   your lips and make your lips smooth.

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